Wednesday, 17 September 2008

all my toys so far....

Figured i might as well upload a picture of all the toys i've made so far, i'm so badly organised!

1) Custom kidrobot zipper pull for RichL (mini bulldog)
2) Custom 3 inch teddy troop for Wisechick (bare bear and bob the brain slug)
3) Custom Kidrobot 4 mini munny (tindian robot)
4) Custom kidrobot 3 inch dunny owned by betso! (gunny)
5) Custom kidrobot 4 inch mini munny for 2petalrose (mini lumpy monkey)

For more photos and other views please check my flickr page



OLLA BOKU said...

cool you make blog!!:D
great your toys always

James Yeah? said...

Yeah, i figured it was the easiest way of keeping everything in one place and keeping everyone updated :D

Two-Pence said...

2P x James yeah collab.. soon!

James Yeah? said...

Yeah without a doubt, i wanna do something big and awesome with you guys, we'll get on it soon yo! x

Jennilee Murray said...

These are super! Glad we found each others stuff! Are you in Ottawa? If not, how did you hear about the Lost Marbles show?