Sunday, 14 December 2008

Officer Tedlington and the evil proffesor!

My entry for the immortal beloved toys teddy troop show!

Officer Tedlington has spent most his life trying capture the evil professor. The evil professor conducts horrible toy mutations and experiments, he created the evil mutant dunny that went on a rampage, fortunately Officer Tedlington captured them both and locked them up behind bars for life!


Patrick Francisco said...

Damn you just keep getting better! Good stuff dude.

James Yeah? said...

Thanks Patrick, really appreciate it!

How are you anyways mate, not seen much new stuff from you lately?


Patrick Francisco said...

I'm good but tied up with non-toy related projects. I'm finishing up a dunny commission though and that will be up this week.

Congrrats on the tutorial. Glad you're in the illazilla show too. We're finally on the same card -w00t!

James Yeah? said...

Ah cool mate, you been painting loads of canvas's then?

Ah can't wait to see the new dunny!

cheers man, i did that tutorial months ago, never thought it'd finally make it online.

a yeah, bout time eh? i really like the shape of the illazilla and with the amazing artist line up it should be a real real good show!

Patrick Francisco said...

Yea I started some canvas work for some Spring shows but they're now on hold since another project came up. Not sure if I can talk about it, but I think I can say "sketch cards".

I'll update you when I can. Keep up the killer work, homie.